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Femmina: a page devoted to women

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The Drama of the Gifted Child  Alice Miller, 1997  New York: Basic Books
A  revealing little book, which can help us preserve our children of much unnecessary pain. A  child whose feelings are disregarded may grow up into a unhappy person, or one that perpetuates suffering for other human beings.
Summerhill   A. S. Neill,1960
Neill describes his  educational  principles, fully tested and aproved at Summerhill, a school  where children were not obliged to attend classes, although they almost always did.

Revolution From Within, A Book of Self-Esteem   Gloria Steinem, 1992
The Situation is Hopeless, but not Serious   Paul Watzlawick, 1983
Ironical but sober approach to the negative attitudes that perpetuate our feelings of hopelesness, until the day we try to make it another way.
'Trouver son Propre Chemin'   Isabelle Filliozat, 1991 Belford-L'Age du Verseau
Very good questions and good suggestions of answers for much of our existencial problems, beggining on the purpose of our lives.


The Journey of the Heart    John Wellood, 1991 Hasper&Row Publishers Inc.
A nice and encouraging guide to loving relationships between a man and  a woman.
Sex Over 40   Saul H. Rosenthal, 1987
Technical information and useful advice from a doctor concerned with problems of middle-aged couples.



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